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We had the honor to have Jennifer Pike(violinist) and Ben Haynes(Guitarist) at 'Hope Competition Awards' event on 26/1 Sat, to judge and play the violins and guitars. The winning violin will be auctioned at Tarisio's next auction sale and the remaining three are available to try them at Newark School of Violin Making.

1st Feb 2019

The 4 Violins and 2 Steel Guitars are now with the team leaders to finished them completely till 14/1/2019 for the second judgment (varnish, set up and overall appearance).

20 November

And of course dont forget the guitar builders!

October 9 2018

All the teams working hard to produce their best!

October 9 2018

Team 1

Team 1

Team Leader: Marina Castellanos (Right)

Members (from left): Finn Trucco 2nd year, Julius Heinnecke 3rd Year, Diego Tazzari 1st Year

Team 2

Team 2

Team Leader: Andrew Woods (2nd from right)

Members(from left): Caroline Schroyen 2nd Year, Laure Clèment 3rd Year, Theo Parmakis 2nd Year, Raffaele Ansaloni 3rd Year

Team 3

Team 3

Team Leader: Marion Pollart (2nd from right)

Members(from left): Jahnava Gargallo 3rd Year, Steve Busson 1st Year, Ludivine Brouillet 2nd Year 

Team 4

Team 4

Team Leader: Marios Pavlou (Right)

Members(from left):Oliver Nicholson 3rd Year,Anthony Ferguson 1st Year,Lucas Coquelet 2nd Year 

Presentation day how the Competition will run this Year and for students to decide for their participation. Teams will be ready on Wednesday 19/9.


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