Competition Plan.

This is not a competition in the true sense of the word. However, awards are given as incentives and acknowledgements for each participant's good will and hard work. One aim is to encourage students to do their best and raise their individual standards and promote team work and good collaboration. In turn this will of course reflect positively on the NSVM.


Six teams of four students, each with a leader.

Four teams making Violins and Two teams making Steel Guitars.

Work schedule:

8 hours per day for 6 days.


  • At the end of the 6 days the violins/guitars should to be finished in the white but without the neck jointed.

  • The instruments are judged in the white (results withheld at this stage).

  • The leaders then have to complete, varnish and set-up the instruments until January(in two months time).

  • Second judgment on appearance and tone playability. 

  • Results to be announced (stages 1 and 2 and overall winner)

Each team and leader wins an award.

Adjudicators of the competition:

Peter Smith, Director of The Newark School of Violin Making

Bharat Khandekar, Violin Course Tutor

James Lister, Guitar Course Tutor

Adrian J. Lucas, Guitar Course Tutor

Whilst working as a team, students will have the opportunity to exchange personal ideas, opinions and criticism by collaborating on the same instrument. The members will be urged to study their work closer and that of their team member's too, taking on board and proposing apects and ideas for the work, design and execution of the violin that will be new to them. Mutual encouragement will also play a major role in the final result.

Thankfully, there are and will be no losers. We are confident that this project will be a richly rewarding experience for all involved aswell as those following it.

Ultimately though, we need to bear in mind, throughout the event, our aim; that is to help in our own small way the victims of the Syrian conflict and hope that all forms of conflict, wherever they may be, will become a thing of the past.


Who we are

Part of the LincolnCollege, the Newark School of Violin Making has been created about 30 years ago and is now established as one of the top schools to train young violin makers in Europe.

More information about the school:

Now a third year student, the Cypriot Marios Pavlou is the origin of the project.

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